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Here, We discuss new features of busy accounting software, It is a type of Addon. BUSY accounting software provides various types of features. Busy software that creates a basic chatbot. It works directly with your WhatsApp. In this chatbot, the sale invoice and ledger and many think automatically go to the party WhatsApp. If a party types a keyword, ledger on register WhatsApp number then BUSY automatic send ledger. 

Wow, It is too interesting

 Let’s discuss the process, In this configuration of the chatbot which is the First option in the configurations, here is the keyword and BUSY gave two keywords and pressed OK, In this process BUSY given the text that I have inserted in the reply, this keyword when the I types, then action will be sent to them which means that party typed the text will go and the attachment is given in the phone, the attachment of the invoice is given. said that the attachment should go, how much will it go one. an invoice of the last now I told him to let go of the last two, I write two keywords here, let him go to two invoices and I saved it. In the same ledger condition, I have two keyword types and saved them and I have put a small reply in reply to your account ledger and if I have added the attachment. In the attachment, the attachment that goes with this keyword will go to the ledger. Now here I have given the exact match, which is the keyword, this will work only when the match if I remove it then inside this keyword.  Say that if a party wrote some message and a keyword came inside it, it would still send it to that party. You can configure which keyword it should go to and save it. We discussed all processes If you think that is helpful for you then you can purchase This AddOn.

Following items that you can get from BUSY sofware to WhatsApp

Invoice with attachment
Bill wise Statement

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